The Silkroad Of The Seas

Even more people have gone on a journey into the unknown. The bravest amongst them were sailors, their adventures offering rich material, not only for
myths and legends. This two-part documentary will follow the nautical ways, and the stories behind them. It will lead to surprising questions and answers,
given from experts, scientists and – the sea. Recently some sunken wrecks were discovered in the Java Sea, Indonesia. Mostly unexplored, the wrecks tell the story from a different perspective and
allows an insight view that amazes scientists and researchers – a new historical picture is emerging.

Secrets of 1000 years seafaring history and trade between China, Asia and Europe will be discovered. Some legends remain…
The routes led the sailors through dangerous waters – although they could have sailed less challenging – the results are fleets of wrecks in the Indonesian

The documentary will follow the reason why – and what is happening with them today. From illegal trade to UNESCO convention for cultural heritage –
even nowadays the adventure goes on, both sides will deliver opinions. With support and guidance by official authorities and experts, the filmmakers
were able to shoot remarkable underwater pictures with attentive results. In Indonesia, Italy, China, Malaysia and in the UAE the project will be on the
traces of Marco Polo, Zeng He and Ahmd Ibn Majid. From filming at historical sites accompanied by interviewed experts, there will be new discoveries and
suspenseful expeditions.

CGI in Wayang style and reenacted scenes that will be shot in Malaysia will frame the documentary and bring the action of former challenges in
seafaring to life.

The “Silk Road Of The Seas”:
• will take care of ancient nautical knowledge, ways of trade and also
will dive into legends.
• questions like distribution of religion and Marco Polo’s presence in
China – expectations of new perceptions.
• a superlative highway, a coming and going, a give and take, an
exchange at all levels in an unprecedented dimension.
• New findings and latest knowledge meet suspenseful enterprises

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Screenshots aus Produktion


Konzept und Kamera UW 2nd Unit, Gary Krosnoff